The Golden Fire Hydrant

goldenhydrantThe Golden Fire Hydrant is bestowed upon government spending programs or expenditures (with an emphasis on Hennepin County) that are wasteful, excessive, beyond the proper scope of government or, in many cases, just plain silly.  This award is, of course, entirely subjective and based solely upon the reasoned and thoughtful opinions of your blog author, Commissioner Jeff Johnson.  If the frequent 6 to 1 votes on the Hennepin County Board are any indication, there are many folks who might disagree with Commissioner Johnson’s choices.

The Fire Hydrant concept likely needs no explanation, but just to be certain everyone is on the same page (and in keeping with the canine theme of the Taxpayer Watchdog blog), simply imagine the Golden Fire Hydrant as your average taxpayer and the government as your average dog.  Enough said.

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