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$2.2 Million for a Few Clueless Travelers

Written by Jeff Johnson on July 9th, 2009. Posted in General

A committee of the Metropolitan Airports Commission voted unanimously yesterday to approve $2.2 million for new signs directing travelers to the two airport terminals. According to a Star Tribune story, the committee approved funds for 16 signs with the words “Terminal 1” and “Terminal 2” to replace signs that now say “Lindbergh” and “Humphrey.” Twenty-eight other signs would list the names of airlines at each terminal.

In addition, the MAC is looking to spend $185,000 for a public relations effort to inform the public of these changes before they are made.

Perception of Tea Parties was Incorrect

Written by Jeff Johnson on April 27th, 2009. Posted in General

This wasn’t about taxes or guns or name-your-right-wing-bogeyman. It was about a federal government gone berserk.

I’ve found it entertaining to watch the media and those of a liberal political bent (sorry if I’m being redundant) paint the Tea Parties that took place recently around the country as an amalgamation of seething right-wing kooks carrying “I ♥ my AK-47” signs.

I was at the Tea Party in St. Paul. I apparently hung out at the wrong end of the Capital grounds, though, because I missed all of those angry, extremist, Obama-haters who I’m told were there.