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The Death of a Windmill

Written by Jeff Johnson on October 20th, 2010. Posted in General

County Board Votes Unanimously to Kill the Medina Wind Turbine

For about six years the county board has been talking about erecting a wind turbine at the county’s public works property in Medina.  In 2008, the Medina City Council granted the county a revision to its Planned Unit Development permit on that site to erect a wind turbine as long as the county applied for a construction permit by November 18, 2010.

As that deadline was approaching earlier this year, county administration determined that the numbers could not justify the county purchasing, erecting and owning the turbine.  In August 2010, the county issued a request for proposal seeking a private investor to partner with the county on this project.  A private investor would have been able to take advantage of significant federal tax breaks on this project and, therefore, arguably improve the “payback” period for the county’s portion of the project cost.

The resolution before the board yesterday was to continue negotiating with one of the two private companies that responded to the RFP and potentially return to the board with a contract to move forward (prior to Nov. 18).

The initial negotiations with this company (which had never previously been involved with a wind energy project) yeilded an offer that projected a 15-year simple payback for the county’s eventual investment.

All five commissioners present yesterday voted “no” on the resolution, likely killing the wind turbine project.