Metro Counties Set Max Levies

Written by Jeff Johnson on September 29, 2011. Posted in General

Maximum levy changes range from 7.2% cut to 1.7% increase.

Yesterday, at a meeting of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District board (one of the best uses of taxpayer money you will ever find, BTW), we discussed the maximum levies set by metro counties this month.  State law requires that every county set its maximum levy amount in early September.  When the county passes its final budget in December each year, it can levy at the maximum amount or lower, but not higher.

Below is a list of the 7 metro counties’ maximum 2012 general property tax levy in relation to their 2011 levy:

Anoka: 7.4% decrease

Carver: 2.2% decrease

Dakota: 0%

Washington: 0%

Scott: 1% increase

Hennepin: 1% increase

Ramsey: 1.7% increase

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