Isn’t it Time for a New Tax in Hennepin County?

Written by Jeff Johnson on July 13, 2011. Posted in General

Yesterday, the Board heard a resolution for a new “Wheelage Tax” on all county taxpayers, consisting of a $5 annual fee on every automobile in the county.  We postponed a vote on the proposal until next Tuesday’s board meeting.

I stated yesterday at our meeting that I am enthusiastically opposed to this proposal.  The argument for the new tax is that it will bring in an extra $4 million per year, which we need in order to keep our county roads and bridges in decent repair.  Hennepin County has an annual budget of $1.56 BILLION.  If the upkeep of our roads and bridges has become such a low priority that we cannot even find enough in a $1.56 billion budget to keep them in decent condition, then we need to sit down and reprioritize our spending because something is royally messed up.

I don’t know what the debate or vote will reveal next week.  Stay tuned…

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