Here We Go Again

Written by Jeff Johnson on January 7, 2010. Posted in General

Happy New Year!

The Hennepin County Board had its first meeting of the year this week, re-electing Mike Opat as our chairman and making various appointments to committees and boards throughout the county.

I voted for Mike as chairman. Although I frequently disagree with him and believe the county is spending entirely too much money, the reality is that this board is going to elect a democrat as chairman and I am comfortable with that democrat being Mike. I believe he is fair and runs an efficient meeting.

Someone asked me yesterday why I didn’t put my name in for chair. I told them that I would have received exactly one vote (and that vote would have been somewhat dependent on how I felt about myself that morning).

The Star Tribune ran a story on Opat’s election as chairman yesterday and referred to me as “arguably the board’s most conservative member.” Obviously, I’m getting soft if that title is only “arguable” (or, as a liberal would put it, I’m “growing in the job”). I’ll try harder to solidify my credentials.

Thank you all for dropping in on occasion last year to read my thoughts. We started up in May and had over 22,000 hits in our inaugural year. I appreciate your interest.

Here’s hoping that 2010 is a more taxpayer-friendly year in Hennepin County.

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